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Interleaf QuickSilver

Interleaf, Inc. provides software and services to allow organizations to build, integrate and manage document systems.

What is Interleaf?

Interleaf, Inc. provides software and services to allow organizations to build, integrate and manage document systems. Interleaf software covers the full range of document processes: accessing information, developing text and graphic documents, putting them through their review and revision processes, distributing them electronically or on paper, and managing the entire process.

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What is New in QuickSilver?

The following new features and changes are included in this release of QuickSilver:

  • new Advanced Publisher tool
  • improvements to basic publishing and book features
  • updates for filters

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How does Interleaf compare to FrameMaker, IslandWrite, WordPerfect, etc.?

This is a religious and/or political issue for many, and it is very hard to provide an objective answer. The following summarizes a few majority opinions from the frequent discussions in the newsgroup.

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Document Versions?

On the desktop, a document appears as a single icon with a label. Underneath the desktop icon, however, QuickSilver can create and maintain up to five different versions of that document both as a safety precaution and to accommodate different working styles.

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How to Create a Linked Icon?

You can create a linked icon in two ways:

  • by creating a link to a selected icon
  • by creating a linked icon in the current window and changing the pathname to another directory

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How to find and change text and text properties?

To find and change text and text properties, you first open the Find and Change dialog box. Then, you do the following:

  • specify the text you want to find, and the text you want to replace it with
  • specify the text properties you want to find, and the text properties you want to replace them with
  • find and change the text and/or text properties

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About Hyphenation

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How to define a New Master?

The following procedures describe how to

  • define a new master, based on the properties of a selected component, inline, or frame
  • copy content and attributes when you define a master

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How to Import and Export Files?

To Add Filename Extensions

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How to Lock Files?

A lock file is a file that is created when a document or desktop is in use. The lock file is linked to the user and host process ID of the first user who accesses the document or desktop.

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What is Interleaf Desktop Utility?

Using the Interleaf Desktop Utility (IDU), you can convert QuickSilver files or an entire QuickSilver desktop for use on a different platform. The file(s) can then be transferred to another workstation using the new platform.

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What are The IDU Option Switches?

You can use option switches to refine the way IDU operates.

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How To Create an IDU File?

For the IDU filter to work when you type the command, you must have updated your search path, using an editor of your choice, so that it includes (Windows) the qsilver.ileaf i386 bin directory.

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How To Extract Files from an IDU File?

After you create the IDU file, you must move it to the new workstation and then extract the converted files from the IDU file.

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How To Transfer Files Using the i Switch?

Use the -i switch to allow two IDU processes on the same network to communicate with each other in order to transfer desktop files.

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