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XPS, or the XML Paper Specification, is Microsoft's new electronic paper format for exchanging documents in their final forms.

How to Save as XPS in Office 12?

Office "12" will support a native Save as XPS feature in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Visio, OneNote and InfoPath.

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Can I save a document in Office XML AND XPS in the same file?

The better solution for most end-users is to install the converters on their pre-Office "12" machines to be able to open (and edit) these new-format files. Developers on top of Office, of course, have many more options.

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What is XPS Large Format Support for CAD Vertical Markets?

XPS, Office System applications, and Microsoft's software development APIs in general must come to the forefront of innovation by supporting large formats used for CAD enabling CAD to become 'webified' without the unneccessary spectre of crippleware and golden handcuffs imposed by a single vendor.

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