What is Interleaf Desktop Utility

Interleaf QuickSilver Frequently asked questions

What is Interleaf Desktop Utility?

Using the Interleaf Desktop Utility (IDU), you can convert QuickSilver files or an entire QuickSilver desktop for use on a different platform. The file(s) can then be transferred to another workstation using the new platform.
Although IDU provides some limited communications capabilities on platforms that support TCP/IP, it does not transfer files from one workstation to another. To transfer files between workstations, you need a communications program such as uucp, rcp, ftp, or NFS.
(UNIX) If your file does not have the standard QuickSilver file extension, the software adds one during the file transfer.

NOTE: You should already be familiar with the Interleaf publishing software before using IDU.

How IDU Works?
IDU packages one or more files into a single binary file that can be unpackaged on another workstation. The files are formatted and named according to the requirements of the platform on which the files will be unpackaged.
For example, to move all of the files in a folder (or an entire QuickSilver desktop) from a UNIX or VMS workstation to a PC, you could use IDU to package the files on the UNIX workstation and use it again to unpackage them on the PC.
Alternatively, you could package, transfer, and unpackage the files simultaneously.

Advantages of Using IDU
Using IDU has several advantages over transferring files using operating system commands:

  • You can ensure that all files associated with documents (attributes files, for example) are transferred properly.
  • You do not need to adapt the filenames manually to the naming conventions of the target platform.
  • You can use one or more of the option switches provided with IDU.

Although QuickSilver provides IDU commands on the Tools menu, you do not need to have a QuickSilver desktop open to run IDU. You can run the utility from any operating system prompt. You can also add the IDU commands to a Lisp script within QuickSilver so you can execute the utility from a Tools submenu.