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What is Interleaf?

Interleaf, Inc. provides software and services to allow organizations to build, integrate and manage document systems. Interleaf software covers the full range of document processes: accessing information, developing text and graphic documents, putting them through their review and revision processes, distributing them electronically or on paper, and managing the entire process.

"Interleaf 6" is a document authoring and composition package. It provides an integrated set of tools for creating compound documents: word processing, graphics, data-driven business charts, tables, equations, image editing, automated page layout, book building-including automatic index and TOC, conditional document assembly. It includes several features engineered to support the production of large and complex document sets, including: centralized control over parts or all of a document (format and/or content), global search and replace/change on individual graphics objects regardless of specific orientation or position, revision management.

Also available (on some platforms) is the optional Developer's Toolkit (DTK) for customizing or extending the capabilities of the above authoring tool. Developer's Toolkit is used to write programs in Interleaf Lisp. Interleaf Lisp is similar to CommonLISP, but it also contains an extensive set of classes, methods, and functions for examining and changing almost all Interleaf objects, including documents and their contents. DTK includes an editor, debugger, compiler, listener, interpreter, and on-line documentation. Lisp code developed with DTK, or even written with an ordinary editor, can be executed by the stock system, so that customization or the provision of special functionality is not limited to installations with DTK. In fact, much of the distributed system is written in Lisp. Another option for Interleaf is "Interleaf 6 < SGML >" which provides complete support for creating structured documents in SGML.