Frequently Asked Questions

SDL Trados

Trados develops and markets tools for professional translators such as translation memory systems, terminology management software and text alignment systems.

Project structure in Trados?

It is important to create a set project structure before you begin the conversion process. An established project structure will ensure that a clean copy of the source STF file is kept for verification purposes later on in the process; it keeps the files used for translation separate from the vital source files.

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What is an STF file?

An STF file is a tagged text file that contains translatable text from a FrameMaker or Interleaf file. STF is a text-only markup language which replaces the formatting from FrameMaker or Interleaf source files with brief coded statements (tags).

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What are the S TAGGERS?

The S-Taggers are a conversion utility for FrameMaker and Interleaf files. S-Tagger technology converts the FrameMaker MIF or Interleaf IASCII files into STF, a tagged text format that is compatible with SDL Trados. There are two separate S-Tagger components, S-Tagger for FrameMaker and S-Tagger for Interleaf.

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