What is an STF file

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What is an STF file?

An STF file is a tagged text file that contains translatable text from a FrameMaker or Interleaf file. STF is a text-only markup language which replaces the formatting from FrameMaker or Interleaf source files with brief coded statements (tags).

When S-Tagger converts the MIF/IASCII files to STF files, they can be saved as TRADOStag (TTX), Workbench RTF, or TXT files depending on your conversion settings.

After conversion with S-Tagger, there are two editing environments that can be used with Translator's Workbench to carry out interactive translation of the STF file:

  • TagEditor
  • Word

TagEditor supports translation of STF files in TRADOStag and Workbench RTF format; Word supports translation of STF files in RTF format only. When working with STF files, you translate the text as you would normally, then manipulate the necessary tags so that the translated text is formatted in the best way to suit your translation. Strict rules apply to moving, adding or deleting tags. You translate the text, never the tags.