Project structure in Trados

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Project structure in Trados?

It is important to create a set project structure before you begin the conversion process. An established project structure will ensure that a clean copy of the source STF file is kept for verification purposes later on in the process; it keeps the files used for translation separate from the vital source files.

S-Tagger never changes the name of the files it is working on. The converted STF file has the same name as the source MIF or IASCII file; only the extension is different. The STF file has an *.rtf or an *.rtf.ttx, or *.txt extension, depending on the output file format that you select during conversion. If you do not set up a good project structure, you run the risk of overwriting, moving or deleting vital file information.

S-Tagger creates three new files for each MIF/IASCII file that is converted:

  • a source STF file – to be used during and/or at the end of the translation process for verification
  • an ORG file – to be used as the basis for converting the translated STF file back to its original format
  • a target copy of the STF file – to be used as the file for translation

When beginning to work with S-Tagger, you need to specify three file locations for:

  • the MIF/IASCII files
  • the source STF files (S-Tagger will also automatically place the ORG files in this folder)
  • the target STF files