What is web site localization and translation

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what is web site localization and translation?

As there is an enormous market for international Web sites, two points are worth considering: First, the target audience's willingness to read a Web site increases by over 300% if the site is written in their native language. Second, compared with the costs of building a Web site, Web site localization and translation is an extremely cost-efficient alternative.

Establishing a worldwide presence on the Web requires much more than the translation of an existing Web site into another language. Such factors as the use of images, logos, expressions, colors, and metaphors must be carefully analyzed. Furthermore, the text itself needs to be adapted and copy-edited to suit a specific locale, hence the concept of localization. The Web site localization typically follows the process summarized below:

  • Web site analysis
  • Project planning and scheduling with client
  • Compilation of style sheets and glossaries
  • Localization of editable text
  • Editing of graphics, buttons, and images
  • Engineering and testing on native OS and browser
  • Client review
  • Implementation of client changes
  • Final QA
  • Integration of files in client-dedicated translation memory
  • On-going content management and updates

Website localization demands total accuracy, specialist cultural knowledge and a high level of organization. Finally, we make sure that the "look" of the translated site is impeccable.