Statistics and homogeneity in memoq

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statistics and homogeneity in memoq?

Statistics is the way to quantify the productivity enhancement of using MemoQ. The better you can estimate your cost or time requirements for a given job, the more competitive you can be on the market. MemoQ includes enhanced statistics - the ability to set different options enables you to estimate your human resource costs more precisely, and thus you will have a bigger area of freedom in pricing your services than the users of competitive products.

One of MemoQ's power features is Homogeneity. Enable it if you want to emulate building a translation memory during translation, and see the savings that will result from the internal similarities within the project. Using homogeneity, you are able to see the benefits of your future contribution - i.e. the contribution while you will be translating - to the translation memory.
Using homogeneity, you are able to give a much better estimation of your resources to be spent on translation than without homogeneity.