How to create a toc and toc dialog box

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how to create a toc and toc dialog box?

How To Create TOC Dialog Box
Use this dialog box to specify settings for and to create tables of contents.
To open the Create TOC dialog box, select a document or group of documents in a book and choose TOC from the Book menu.

Create TOC at:
Use the Create TOC at option menu to specify where to create TOC documents.

  • Top level only - Creates a TOC document at the top level of the book.
  • Each sub-book level - Creates a TOC in each sub-book, as well as at the top level of the book. Each sub-book TOC contains entries for only that sub-book. The top-level TOC includes all TOC entries for every sub-book.

How to Prepare TOC for hypertext linking
Select this check box to prepare your TOC to be linked when you publish it in a format such as PDF or HTML.
This option inserts a special index token at the beginning and end of each TOC entry. When you publish your book, the software uses each token pair to create a hypertext link in the output file.

NOTE: The TOC source file (.ildoc) never contains linked TOC entries. The links are created only in the published output file.

How to Include page numbers in TOC
Select this check box to include page numbers in TOC entries. Deselect it to exclude page numbers. You may not want to display page numbers if you plan to distribute your book online with hypertext-linked TOC entries.
This option is automatically selected but dimmed when you deselect the Prepare TOC for hypertext linking check box.

How To Create a TOC
Use the following procedures to create a TOC and update an existing TOC document.
Before you create a TOC document, update book information with the Book > Sync command if you have done any of the following:

  • used conditional content in the book
  • made changes to a catalog affecting documents in the book
  • pasted new documents into a book and have not opened or resaved those documents.

Creating a TOC Document in a Book

  • Select the documents for which you want a TOC.
  • Choose TOC from the Book menu.
    OR... Click the TOC tool on the container tool bar.
  • Make selections in the Create TOC dialog box that opens, then click OK.
    One TOC document is created for each Table of Contents document name specified in the selected source documents.
  • Move the TOC document(s) to a position in the book that does not disrupt inherited page numbering.

If a source document is open, the resulting TOC reflects the latest document changes, even unsaved ones. If there is a work-in-progress source document version, the TOC reflects changes in that version.
The TOC does not include source documents (or elements in source documents) made ineffective by conditional content.

How to Update an Existing TOC Document
Once you create a TOC, you can re-generate the same document as often as necessary. Doing so lets you update the TOC and keep it synchronized with the source documents to which its content refers.

  • To update a TOC after making changes to source documents, select the source documents and choose TOC from the Book menu.
    You can leave a TOC document and source documents open when you create a new TOC.

Your latest changes to the source documents are reflected in a new, saved version of the TOC. If the TOC document is already open, its content updates automatically. Any existing TOC with the same name becomes a backup version, and the new TOC becomes the saved version.