How to convert text to a table

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how to convert text to a table?

If you have created text with tabs or components that would work better as a table, convert the text to a QuickSilver table using the Convert Text to Table command on the Tables menu.

Requirements for Conversion
When preparing tabular text for conversion to a table, make sure the lines of text or the components you are converting adhere to the following guidelines:

  • They must have the same left margin.
  • They must have the same tab stop settings on every line.
  • They must have flush left, outer, or justified alignment.
    You cannot convert components that have flush right, inner, or center alignment to a table.
  • They must consist of more than empty tabs.
    You cannot convert a table that contains just tabs and no text.
  • They must be outside microdocuments, and they cannot contain microdocuments.
  • They cannot include frames or tables created with the Tables feature.
  • They should not include a tab that extends to the right margin of a page (created by pressing the TAB key when there is no tab stop), or the table may run off the page.

CAUTION: When you select components or text and convert it to a table, the new table replaces the selected components or text. You cannot convert the table back to its previous state.

To convert text to a table:

  • Select the text or component(s) you want to convert to a table.
  • Choose Convert Text to Table from the Tables menu.
    The Convert to Table dialog box appears.
  • In the Tables list box, click New, and then click the Convert button.
    Select an existing table master name and click Convert.

The selected text is converted to a table. Text at each tab stop is placed in a single table cell. Text in separate lines or in separate components is placed in individual rows. All hard returns are removed.
If you chose an existing table master and it does not have the appropriate number of columns and rows for the selected text, an error message appears in the Convert to Table dialog box. Select a different table master or click New to create a new table master.

CAUTION: Once you have converted text to a table, you cannot convert it back. To avoid problems, work with a copy of the material.