Working with notifications

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working with notifications?

Notifications inform you of changes to assets. You may want to be informed of changes to your source assets so you know when projects need to be created, or to be informed of changes to a localized version to monitor progress. The Notifications list allows you to view the changes that may have been made to the asset, informs you of when the notification was generated, and allows you to review the rule that generated the notification. You set up notifications in Management > Business Rule Linkage > Rules. You review and delete notifications in the notifications list (Assignments > Notifications).

Setting up Notifications
To set up notifications, you need to create rules that govern when and why you are notified. When you create a rule, you can choose to create a project, send notifications to a particular user, and/or send email to a particular user. To set up notifications, you should select the "Send notifications to a particular user" check box. There are other rule parameters to configure.
In addition to setting up rules, you need to set up the following for email notifications to work:

  • Email functionality in Management > Administration > Email
  • Personal Preferences for users to notify must allow email notification (default setting)

Reviewing Notifications
Review your notifications to determine whether or not to create a project or to work in Explorer. When you click a notification link, the Viewer appears and shows you the difference between the current version and the last version. In addition, you can review the rule that generated the notification.

Deleting Notifications
After reviewing notifications and taking the necessary action, delete them.