Creating a project

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creating a project?

A project pulls together all the pieces - the source and target assets, their linkage relationship, and the workflow. You create a project in the Explorer. In addition, when you create a project, you specify a workgroup.

Once you create a project, tasks are assigned to the users or workflow roles specified in the first workflow step. A task is an asset that follows the steps in the designated workflow. If the assigned user is set up to receive email notification (in Tools > Personal Preferences), that user will receive an email message with information about the assignment.

NOTE: Email notification must be configured in Management>Administration>Email for email notification to function.

You can access the new project from Assignments > Projects. The task list for the project contains all the tasks for the project. The tasks are assigned to the assignee(s) that were specified in the workflow for the project.

This is the minimum that you need to do to create a project. There is additional setup required to use the advanced features of WorldServer, including translation memory and term databases.