What are the most unique features in heartsomes translation tools

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what are the most unique features in heartsomes translation tools?

We consider ourselves the most unique in the light of the following:

  • Truly and completely cross platform, supportive of all key industry standards, namely XLIFF, TMX and TBX, rendering the tools vendor-independent as well.
  • Unlimited support for languages, whether it is in translation direction, single database multi-lingual translation memory storage, language pairing in translation jobs and language availability and usability in all our editors.
  • All-inclusive support for all valid native XML file formats without the need or hassle of switching to special purpose or half-baked editors.
  • Full and complete support for a wide range of third party databases, thus giving users the flexibility of using some of the most powerful relational database applications in the world and making it redundant to rely on unknown or questionable built-in proprietary databases.