Indesign 2.0 does xml. is that the same thing as xml in framemaker 7.0

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indesign 2.0 does xml. is that the same thing as xml in framemaker 7.0?

The XML standard defines a method of describing structured content using an ASCII text-based syntax of element tags, attributes and character encodings. Both InDesign 2.0 software and FrameMaker 7.0 software can read and write document content in XML. However, the two applications vary considerably in their features that support the processing of XML document content. InDesign software is primarily intended for graphics professionals who need to import and export XML content and to map that content to their page designs. InDesign 2.0 software supports well-formed XML, whose "free flow" approach is suitable for the graphic arts community.
FrameMaker 7.0 software offers a different level of support for XML that reflects the needs of its target users for valid XML. XML is valid if it conforms to the set of rules laid out for the type of document being processed that is typically defined in a Document Type Definition (DTD). FrameMaker software can automatically determine the DTD that is applicable to a specific XML document and validate the content for conformance to the DTD when it reads and writes XML. FrameMaker software also provides a styling language that is described in an Element Definition Document (EDD), and a method for mapping XML elements to FrameMaker document elements, such as markers, cross-references, tables and graphics that is defined in a set of Read/Write Rules. For content creation, FrameMaker software provides a structured authoring environment that tightly integrates the WYSIWYG editing mode with the Structure View window, which provides a visual display that supports the creation of valid content by providing continuous validation and guided editing. FrameMaker 7.0 software also includes tools for structuring legacy unstructured content that has previously been tagged with formatting styles. It is also possible to read and write well-formed XML while working in the Unstructured authoring mode.