What is MemoQ server

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What is MemoQ server?

Server MemoQ is available in a server version (MemoQ Server), which can be used to establish a server, functioning as a single repository point for various kinds of resources, such as translation memories and term bases, shared by multiple users over a network - LAN (Local Area Network) or Internet. The server can be just a single Windows machine or even laptop with internet connectivity.

  • Server projects
    The server project is a server alternative of the regular MemoQ project, i.e. a collection of resources that include translation documents and alignment documents, translation memories, term bases and project-level settings (segmentation rules, auto-translatables, non-translatables, etc.), created on a MemoQ Server. When a translator opens a server project file using his/her local installation of MemoQ, MemoQ will automatically create and configure a local workspace, download all documents added in the project and connect to the specified translation memories and term bases. The user therefore does not need to set up anything manually and can focus on his/her work instead.