Tailoring the Workflow in MemoQ

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Tailoring the Workflow in MemoQ?

It is very rare that translation is a stand-alone activity. Most of the time busy translation vendors assign jobs to translators and proofreaders whilst trying to maintain the consistency of their own translation memories. Although MemoQ does not come with a project management system (it is available separately, though - please enquire), it enables you to work efficiently in teams.

Different Roles in the Workflow
Without attempting to cover all possible roles, here's a list of people who work on the successful delivery of translations:

  • Project Managers: Project managers are the relay centers of the workflow. They recycle resources, balance time and cost, do the forwarding of the resources between the various actors and track the progress of the job. MemoQ sees project managers as the most computer-savvy people in the translation process and therefore enables them to use the power features and create settings for other users. The project manager has direct access to all the translation resources utilized in a job.
  • Translators: Translators are responsible for producing a proper target-language version from the source-language document they receive. A translator needs translation documents, translation memories, term bases and settings. MemoQ, unlike other applications, does not expect translators to have an in-depth knowledge of using computers.
  • Proofreaders: Proofreaders are responsible for comparing the source-language version with the target-language version, checking consistency and other factors. They need exactly the same resources as the translator.
  • Revisers: Revisers are native speakers of the target language who check and correct the style of the text. Revisers need the target language text only.
  • DTP Specialists: While all the others deal with the content, DTP deals with the form. DTP specialists finalize the documents and ensure that all formatting is correct.

In freelance situations, the translator and the project manager is often the same person.