Installing WorldServer on Windows

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Installing WorldServer on Windows?

This section explains the steps necessary to install WorldServer on a Windows NT or Windows 2000 server.

To install WorldServer

  • If you are installing the database on a separate server from WorldServer, make sure to install the appropriate client tools, and verify that the client can connect to the database.
  • Double-click the WorldServer setup.exe.
  • When the Welcome screen appears, click OK.
  • Click Yes to accept the License Agreement.
  • Type your user name and company name and click Next.
  • Choose a location to install WorldServer program files and click Next.
  • Choose an installation type. The custom option allows you to choose a location for the log files, RCS root, and temp directory. Click Next.
  • Choose an application server and click Next. If you choose an application server other than Tomcat, specify the directory of the application server.
  • Specify the server port and click Next. By default, the port is 8080.
  • Choose a database platform, either SQL Server 2000 or Oracle, and specify the following:
    • For SQL Server 2000, specify the database server name (must be an existing server) and database name and click Next. The "Create Database" option is selected by default. This means that WorldServer will create the database (with the name you specify) that contains WorldServer application content. This database must exist for WorldServer to operate. If you do not create the database during
      installation, see "To create the WorldServer content database after
      installation" on page -6.
    • For Oracle, specify the Tnsname (tablespace name, or service name), the username, and password. The Tnsname can be found in tnsnames.ora in the Oracle home directory (..\Net80\Admin).
      NOTE: If you receive a message that states that NLS_LANG must be set to American_America.UTF8, you can correct this setting after the installation is complete in System Properties Environment tab.
  • Review your install choices and click Next.
  • Once the files have been copied, click Finish.
  • Choose to restart your computer now or later. You must restart before using WorldServer.
    NOTE: If you want to configure the application server that WorldServer is using to use SSL, consult the SSL setup instructions for the application server that they are using.

To create the WorldServer content database after installation
If you did not specify to automatically create the database during installation (step 10 in the previous procedure), you need to do the following:

  • Create a database manually on an existing SQL2000 server.
  • Run the following scripts:
    • create. < db > .sql
    • setup. < db > .sql
    • create_sp. < db > .sql
    • create_tr. < db > .sql

      None of the arguments should be blank or null.