What are the benefits of content management

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What are the benefits of content management?

The value of a company's web site is directly related to the accuracy and speed with which its content can be made available.

As corporate web sites have developed from passive shop windows, containing static information, into interactive portals providing access to personalized business processes for individual users within the business community, the complexity of their structures and the task of maintaining their content have increased dramatically. Content Management Systems, such as Immediacy, facilitate this activity, deliver business benefit in terms of efficiency, control, and increased content value.

Content creation and updating
A Content Management System ensures that a company's web site is focused on the achievement of business objectives, rather than being driven by technical issues, by putting control of content into the hands of its business experts.

Consistent corporate branding
A coherent web site design philosophy, consistently implemented, is essential to successful Web communication. All too often, the ad hoc development and manual editing associated with the traditional static web site resulted in confused site appearance and navigation. This led to inconsistent branding and diluted corporate identity, and required considerable effort to police and control.

Streamlined centralized management
A Content Management System that uses template based publishing and a dynamic content repository centralizes control to deliver numerous benefits and efficiencies.

Protecting content value
A Content Management System protects the value of content by accelerating and automating publication processes, putting control of content into the hands of the business experts and providing centralized administration of its presentation.

Adding new features
To build lasting value from their corporate web sites, companies need to be able to respond to the more sophisticated demands from users with enhanced features to extend the capabilities offered. A Content Management System makes this possible by providing a number of capabilities that the traditionally managed web sites cannot deliver.