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InDesign through Trados StoryCollector?

Trados offers little plug-ins as part of all its versions of the Workbench product that support InDesign versions 2 or CS (the plug-ins are stored under C:\Program Files\TRADOS\Txx_xx\FI\IND- follow the instructions in the help file on how to install the plug-ins). Once you have installed the plug-in and opened the InDesign file, you will see a new Trados menu with all the necessary commands to export and re-import your file. The exported text can be translated either within Trados TagEditor or any other tools that support the InDesign export format. It works like a charm, and the import, once the translation is finished, works just as well. SDLX and Star Transit (with a separate plug-in) also offer the option of translating InDesign files, but again just for versions 2 and CS. SDL is working on the development of products that support CS2 files for Trados and SDLX, but these are still in the pre-beta phase. And the only way to down-save an InDesign CS2 file is by exporting it into an InDesign-specific XML format (INX) and importing this into the CS version.

The StoryCollector that comes with Trados FL 6.5.5 works like a charm with InDesign CS. It exports ISC-files, that needs to be converted to TTX in Trados TagEditor. The TTX import fine in DVX, and then you just need to reverse the process.

The plug-in files should be installed in a folder called Trados in the InDesign Plug-in folder. When you start InDesign a new menu option will appear on the menubar called Trados. This contains the options for importing and exporting.

All this information and how to proceed with the import/export routines can be found in the file StoryCollectorIND1033.hlp. Double click on the file and all your frustrations will be relieved.

Indesign CS2 is not compatible with Trados 6.5. Only version 2.0 of Indesign works with Trados 6.5. You will have to upgrade to Trados 7.0 for CS version of Indesign.

TRADOS Story Collector is an InDesign Plug-in. The Plug-in is supported by InDesign 2.0 and InDesign CS. It allows you to gather up all the stories in an InDesign document so that they can be presented, in context, within one file for translation. Note that InDesign CS2 is not currently supported by the Story Collector.