Why pay for translation services instead of using free automatic translation

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Why pay for translation services instead of using free automatic translation?

If you think the question is a silly one, you do not work in the translation field. Most translators and translation services are bombarded by questions about free automatic translation. Do you use free automatic translation, aren’t you the same as free automatic translation, why should I pay you to do what free automatic translation does for free? Let’s examine a few of the reasons why free automatic translation is not a viable option for the majority of your translation needs.

  • Human language is full of ambiguities, exceptions, plays on words, subtle expressions, mistakes, and logical associations that computers just cannot handle. The idea of clicking one button and having anything translated properly into any language seems today further off than it seemed decades ago.
  • Having said this, automatic translations can sometimes give you an idea of what a given text is about, particularly depending on the field, the languages and the original document. One way to understand what these systems can offer is by having them translate into your native language.
  • Automatic translations can even serve as the basis for human translation with certain documents, as long as the expectations and limitations of this procedure are clear. Opticentre does offer these fast and affordable service types of jobs.