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QuarkXPress is a page layout application for Mac OS X and Windows, produced by Quark, Inc..

What is QuarkXPress?

QuarkXPress is a desktop publishing (page layout) application for Mac OS and Windows, produced by Quark, Inc.

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How to prepare a QuarkXPress project for translation?

To translate QuarkXPress files, you need to convert the text in the files to a format that is easily translated.

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Working with Story Collector in QuarkXPress?

Translation Workflow

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Batch functions in Story Collector for QuarkXPress?

When dealing with multiple files, the story order, the export and import operations differ slightly to those of single files described earlier on in this chapter.

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How to make Excel Tables in Quark 6.1?

Here's how to do it, along with some tips on how to work with Excel tables after you've got them in there:

  • Choose the Table tool (below the Picture Box tool) and drag out a rectangle with it, defining your table's initial width and height. As soon as you release the mouse, the Table Properties dialog pops up. Pay attention here, because you'll never be able to recall this dialog again for this particular table.
  • In Table Properties, ignore the fields for number of columns and rows, because importing the Excel workbook sheet will override your entries. Just click the checkbox next to "Link to External File."
  • In the resulting Table Link dialog, in Source, choose "Excel" for Type. Want to see what other types of files can be linked to a Table? Press and hold on the Type: drop-down menu.
  • Click the Browse button and navigate to the .xls file (the Excel worksheet) you want to import as a table. Select it and choose Open.
  • Now you're returned to the Table Link dialog, with the filename entered in the Source: Name field. Below that, two new areas are enabled: Table and Options.

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    What is the difference between QuarkXPress and QuarkXPress Passport?

    QuarkXPress Passport® software is a complete, fully-functioning version of QuarkXPress® that includes additional features for multilingual publishing. QuarkXPress Passport supports hyphenation and spell-checking for 23 languages:

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    QuarkXPress 6 versus InDesign CS?

    There is an important difference between adding features and improving a product. Quark has been busy adding features to QuarkXPress, but while users can now do substantially more than they used to, they can't do their work substantially better or easier. Sure, XPress has a variety of HTML tools, and you can create multiple layouts in a single document, but its typographic and layout features have hardly changed in more than a decade.

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    Problems with True Type fonts from Quark 7 to Quark 6?

    Quark 7 is Unicode. When using TrueType which is also Unicode, the CE characters are stored in the Quark 7 document as Unicode values. Quark 6 is not Unicode. It can only recognise character codes based on single bytes so everything except west European characters (Latin 1) will be lost.

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    QuarkXPress Refuses to Open Files?

    This problem seems limited to the English International and Passport versions of QuarkXPress 4. The symptoms of this problem are that after closing QuarkXPress, you cannot launch QuarkXPress again for another 20-40 seconds (double-clicking on its icon or on a .QXD file produces no result).

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