How do I open a QuarkXPress document with Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign FAQ

How do I open a QuarkXPress document with Adobe InDesign?

  • InDesign only opens Quark 3 and 4 single language documents. InDesign CS2 can open QuarkXPress Passport 3 or 4 files.
  • QuarkXPress Passport documents must be saved to a single-language file unless you are using InDesign CS2.
  • InDesign cannot open QuarkXPress 5 or newer documents. QuarkXPress 7 can export down to version 6. QuarkXPress 6 can save down to version 5. QuarkXPress 5 can save down to version 4.
  • InDesign may have trouble opening QuarkXPress documents where third party XTs were used. Try saving your document from QuarkXPress without these XTs enabled.
  • After conversion, some graphics may be set as 'non-printing'. You can correct this easily with a free script from here.
  • InDesign CS has improved ability over InDesign 2 to open Quark documents.

If you are still having trouble opening a QuarkXPress 3 or 4 document, try resaving the document in Quark as a new file. Then open in InDesign.
No conversion is prefect. Be certain to fully review your document for text reflow and bad image links.