How to make a BIBLIOGRAPHY

Adobe FrameMaker FAQ

How to make a BIBLIOGRAPHY?

There is no way in frame to generate an automatic bibliography for your document. The bibliography can be done by hand, in which case you will have to add the citations yourself, or with the help of a BibFrame. BibFrame will try to generate bibliographies for you, but it does not work perfectly. Once you are finished, you will want to edit the bibliography to find any mistakes that BibFrame made.
To use BibFrame, you will first need to create a .bib file with entries in it for all of the sources you would like to cite. For information on how to create this file, consult the stock answer entitled "How to make BIBLIOGRAPHIES in Latex" under the Latex topic.
Once you have a .bib file, you can create the citations by typing the "key" for the bibliography entry where you would like it to be cited. Then, highlight the key and hit C-r b m. This will run a macro which will zip through a bunch of menus and beep. Repeat this process for all your citations in all your files.
Next, you need to generate the bibliography. First set the environment variable BIBFRAMEREF to the comma separated list of file names without the .bib extension. For example, if my .bib file is
/mit/dot/thesis/thesisbib.bib, I would type
athena% setenv BIBFRAMEREF "/mit/dot/thesis/thesisbib"
Secondly, choose the style of citations you wish to use and set the variable BIBFRAMEBST accordingly:
athena% setenv BIBFRAMEBST "mmlunsrt"
Note that possible citation styles are:
mmlabbrv mmlalpha mmldraft
mmllongkey mmlmapalike mmlplain
mmlquoteabbrv mmlquotelongkey mmlquoteplain
mmlquoteunsrt mmlunsrt
Next, open the file that you want to contain your bibliography. If you are generating a bibliography for a book, this should be a separate FrameMaker document. In this case, you should copy a template bibliography file from the templates locker:
athena% attach templates
athena% cd directory-with-your-frame-files
athena% cp /mit/templates/frame5/Bibframe/biblio.doc.
For a single document file, go to the place you want to insert your bibliography. Create a new paragraph tag (Format -> Paragraphs -> Designer) called "Reference" (it doesn't matter what the settings are) and apply it to this empty paragraph. Finally, in the same xterm that you typed the setenv commands, run the bibframe command:
athena% add frame
athena% bibframe < list of files >
athena% bibframe biblio.doc chap1.doc chap2.doc ... chapn.doc