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What is the process of multimedia localization

Translation and Localization Frequently asked questions

What is the process of multimedia localization?

Project Manager: Receives the multimedia presentation data and instructions
- Assesses the feasibility for deadlines, requirements
- Identifies and allocates resources
- Works out the costs in consultation with in-house experts and makes the proposal
- Establishes project activities, milestones
Engineers and Domain experts: Analyses the project
- Multimedia specialists, designers and graphic artists analyze the project and assess the requirements
- Establishes activities to be performed and milestones
- Translates the project, follows instructions
- Delivers feedback and checklist
- Proofreads the project
- Delivers feedback and checklist
Engineers and Domain experts: Integrates translation
- Integrates the translation as per the structure and designs in multimedia publishing software like Director, 3DMax, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Shockwave, Fireworks, etc.
- Re-engineering of scripts and codes to ensure functionality in different languages
- Rechecks the project for technical compliance
Translator: Final review
- Rechecks the translation now integrated with the multimedia presentation
- Delivers feedback and checklist
Project Manager: Reviews and delivers the project
- Checks for compliance of the instructions and requirements
- Maintains necessary records for consistency and reuse