Why do you need Content Management

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Why do you need Content Management?

Content Management is effectively the management of the content by combining rules, process and/or workflows in such a way that its electronic storage is deemed to be 'managed' rather than 'un-managed'.

Exploiting the Web is an essential element of any strategy for extending your business, growing market share and gaining competitive advantage. The Web brings you closer to your markets, but creates transparency that quickly reveals poor service. Although it is a challenge, its use is not optional.

Customers are demanding more access, to information and business processes, and they expect it now. Traditional Web technologies inhibit this intimacy. They distance business owners from web site content because their use depends upon technical expertise. They generate web sites with limited capabilities that are costly to deploy and maintain.

Immediacy's Content Management System gives control of content to the business experts. It ensures fast, consistent, accurate and efficient publication of your intellectual assets and business processes on the Web.

It delivers business benefits that generate substantial cost savings, which guarantee a quick ROI even for larger enterprise implementations.