Which PASSOLO edition do you need

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Which PASSOLO edition do you need?

PASSOLO is available in five editions, which differ based on the scope and terms of the individual licensing agreement.

  • PASSOLO Demo This edition only permits 50 text resources for each resource type to be edited. The same restriction applies to the transfer of translated strings to the target file and for import/export operations. Another restriction is that projects cannot be saved with the demo version. The PASSOLO demo version is intended solely for evaluation purposes and may not be employed for commercial projects.
  • PASSOLO Standard Edition The PASSOLO Standard Edition is designed for software developers and translators whose tasks are confined solely to the localization of programs. This edition does not include statistical functions and cannot be expanded by the addition of export/import interfaces to translation memory systems.
  • PASSOLO Professional Edition The PASSOLO Professional Edition is intended for project managers, editors, and translators responsible for not only localizing the software, but also for translating the associated documentation and managing localization projects. The new project view and other project related functions help to manage even large projects. PASSOLO's statistical functions provide a tool to better calculate the scope of localization projects. The optional interfaces to translation memory systems help to increase the consistency and quality of translated documents. The integrated script development environment makes it possible to change or add functions to PASSOLO.
  • PASSOLO Team Edition The PASSOLO Team Edition offers the same functions as the Professional Edition. Additionally, the Team Edition can be used to create and administrate a certain number of translation bundles. These translation bundles can be processed using the free Translator Edition, which includes all the required functions. Thus, with a single software license it is possible to delegate entire projects to external translators, including the task of adapting and testing the dialog layouts. This will simplify the workflow and reduces costs for the localization of large projects involving numerous external translators.
  • PASSOLO Translator Edition The Translator Edition is a free editor for translators. It can be downloaded from our Web site. Only translation bundles created with the Team Edition can be edited with the Translator Edition. Thus, all the members of a project team can make use of PASSOLO's powerful functionality without having to purchase a software license. The Translator Edition cannot parse source files or generate target files, but it offers all the other functions for processing translation bundles. It includes all the editors and test functions required to guarantee top quality translations.