Why is Help Desk better than traditional phone support

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Why is Help Desk better than traditional phone support?

Help Desk is typically viewed as being more tactical with the primary goal being to help quickly resolve end users immediate needs and technical issues and incidents. The IT Help Desk can be separate or part of a larger Service Desk operation to improve the overall organization’s Customer Services. The ultimate goal of the Help Desk is to resolve end user issues and requests as efficiently and quickly as possible.

  • You will not be stranded in voice mail waiting for someone who may be on vacation instead of just out to lunch.
  • You do not have to repeat yourself and waste your time. Workstation, network, and application software information and other important facts are kept live in the Help Desk database. Every technician has access to the vital information necessary to resolve your issue as fast as possible.
  • You will be called back quicker, usually with a solution or an action to take. Our technicians concentrate of solving your problems and finding solutions.
  • You get better and more knowledgeable support. Our technicians can help each other your solve problems.
  • You get support from all of the technical staff at Opticentre. Help Desk keeps our whole team working together to get you a solution in the shortest possible time.
  • You will often get written solutions and support information instead of just a quick fix. Written email requests and confirmations assure you that your issue is being worked on. You can check the progress anytime you choose even in the middle of the night or even on a holiday.
  • You receive the benefit of problems and solutions that are already worked out. Help Desk is a searchable knowledge base. This allows all of us to come to a working solution faster than ever before. That saves you time and effort.