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Language Solution Provider

Opticentre can cater to the localization, translation, typesetting, multilingual desktop publishing (DTP), voice over, dubbing and subtitling needs of a wide range of clients including product manufacturers, service providers, multi-language vendors (MLVs), governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as individual customers.

Opticentre is unique in that it's staffed by teams of programmers, proficient in any standard TM or Design tool and able to ramp up rapidly on any new tool. With typical programmers logic, they are always asking how to work smarter not harder when they look at a workflow for the first time. Thus their mission translates to you as higher velocity production which of course saves on your bottom line.

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It is all about making sure that your product, documentation, video or audio are as successful in the new language as they were in the original one, We endeavor to increase our clients satisfaction by continuously improving our services.