DITA and XML Content Management

Opticentre is a professional localization, translation and multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) service provider that was established in 2006 in Bulgaria and the US. Our team of highly qualified professional translators, localizers, editors, proofreaders and DTP specialists are all native speakers, experience, and skill.


DITA and XML Content Management

OptiCentre Structured Publishing Team can help you with every stage of the transition from legacy documentation infrastructures to DITA or DocBook. We have been using the technology on a variety of projects for demanding global clients from AutoDesk to Toyota Auto, and have built up considerable expertise in the field.

Our Structured Publishing Team can deliver:

  • project planning, establishment and strategy
  • content modeling and specialization
  • training for the authoring team
  • tool selection
  • stylesheet development
  • creation and editing of DITA XML files in FrameMaker
  • legacy content conversion, and implementation and integration with content management systems.